short term hire

There is no better way to liven up an environment then to add a soft natural touch that is both soft and glamourous. Please see our short term hire page for more information.

long term hire, designs and your free quote

At GreenLeaves we are more than happy to advise on the types of office plants, Planter Pots or Free Standing plants suitable for particular internal spaces. We can also advise on our range of pot types available, and the best spots for them.

It is our mission to make your workplace as happy and green as possible and We can advise on the best suited plants to remove particular indoor airborne toxins from office air. We always provide a free quot to discuss your indoor plant requirements.

your installation and maintenence

All GreenLeaves customers have all their indoor plants installed and maintained by fully trained and equipped GreenLeaves staff.

All upkeep of the hired plants are included in your monthly plant hire cost and consists of the following maintence:

Water and fertilise as necessary as well as pruning and dusting. We will inspect for pest and diseases. If it is needed, then any treatment for pests is carried out using completely person friendly and non-toxic sprays.

We will always replace office plants if/when they become unattractive.

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